What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is countless sleepless nights.

Anxiety is the fear of being around people, because you always expect the worst from everyone.

Anxiety is over-analyzing every word that rolls off your tongue.

Anxiety is walking into a room of people and convincing yourself that everyone is talking negative about you.

Anxiety is an overwhelming flow of anxiousness; never quite being able to relax.

Anxiety is feeling like your chest is caving in

Anxiety makes you feel as if you are in a strong ocean current, fighting with every ounce of your soul to stay afloat; however, you are still drowning.

Anxiety is a weight that drags you all the way down.

Anxiety is a constant pit of dread and worry in your stomach

Anxiety is waking up in the middle of the night in a panic

Anxiety is a constant state of panic

Anxiety never seems to go away

Morning…. evening…. night… it’s always there to make you feel as if everything is not okay.

You are never truly comfortable; however, you only feel slightly at peace when you are alone.

Anxiety leads you to love solitude; however, that’s when your mind picks you apart the most.

Anxiety leads you to self-sabotage

Anxiety makes you believe that no one understands…. but in reality, unless they have been down the deep and dark path, they don’t understand. I guess that’s one logical thing anxiety tells you.

Anxiety makes you flake out on plans at the last minute.

Anxiety is staring at your phone until it stops ringing. You never answer phone calls. They make you nervous.

Anxiety makes it hard to respond to text messages. You always fear opening new messages.. you’re afraid of what the message may say.

Anxiety gives you a contradicting thought process.

Anxiety makes it hard to have relationships.. whether friendly or romantic. People just do t get it. They don’t want to take the time to understand you. It’s something that people can’t understand, unless they have it also. Since it can’t logically be explained, it pushes people away.

Anxiety makes you criticize your every move.

Anxiety convinced you that you are not good enough for anything.

Sooo.. what is anxiety?

Anxiety is H E L L

(Prayers to my fellow sufferers. I love you. Even if I do not know you, I love you) ❤️

– B


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