“You CANT Have Struggles”

The title of this blog is how I have been made to feel HUNDREDS of times by many different people…

Since when did our appearance limit the amount of struggles we are “supposed to have”?

Why can’t physically attractive people have struggles?

Why can’t successful people have struggles?

Why can’t materially blessed people have struggles?

I don’t open up often about my depression/ anxiety. I don’t open up about the events that led me here. I don’t publicly announce this blog to my peers. I don’t throw a pity party for myself.

WHY?! welllllll.. because the rare occasion that I do open up, I am made to feel like an idiot.

“You are too pretty to be depressed”.

“You have no reason to be sad, so many people love you”

“You are a model, you shouldn’t be depressed”

“Death is a part of life.”

“Look at the positive side”

“You competed for Miss Georgia! There’s no way you have anxiety”.


It is annoying being told that my depression/ anxiety isn’t real.

It is annoying being told that I shouldn’t be depressed or have anxiety.

My depression isn’t a “sad feeling”, it’s a constant battle.

My anxiety isn’t “stress”, it’s a constant fear and pit in my belly.

I don’t want any part in either of those. TRUST ME!

If I could “get over it” (as I have been advised to), I would!

Telling me that I can’t have an internal struggle, because of my external appearance is R I D I C U L O U S!

Everyone has problems. Every one has struggles. No amount of money or physical beauty can stop life from kicking you in the gut.. nor can it stop you from depression/anxiety.

Please stop placing limitations on people’s internal struggles due to their appearance, celebrity status, or the amount of money they have, etc.

Don’t belittle their condition.

We are all human here.


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